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import Foundation
public protocol ValueTransforming: NSSecureCoding {
static var valueTransformerName: NSValueTransformerName { get }
public class NSSecureCodingValueTransformer<T: NSObject & ValueTransforming>: ValueTransformer {
public override class func transformedValueClass() -> AnyClass { T.self }
public override class func allowsReverseTransformation() -> Bool { true }
public override func transformedValue(_ value: Any?) -> Any? {
guard let value = value as? T else { return nil }
return try? NSKeyedArchiver.archivedData(withRootObject: value, requiringSecureCoding: true)
public override func reverseTransformedValue(_ value: Any?) -> Any? {
guard let data = value as? NSData else { return nil }
let result = try? NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchivedObject(
ofClass: T.self,
from: data as Data
return result
/// Registers the transformer by calling `ValueTransformer.setValueTransformer(_:forName:)`.
public static func registerTransformer() {
let transformer = NSSecureCodingValueTransformer<T>()
ValueTransformer.setValueTransformer(transformer, forName: T.valueTransformerName)
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