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Last active May 21, 2019
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Warcraft 3 Classic Linux Howto


This shows both the Live and PTR. Even though ROC and TFT are listed separately, they both link the same installer.

create wineprefix

With lutris:

Install "blizzard-battlenet-standard" Until reforged, can't directly use the real installer, but the Warcraft 3 Classic variant of the agent has the same dependencies.

The remaining text assumes the default ~/Games/battlenet/ wineprefix location that this creates; adjust this for your configuration accordingly.


TLDR: Start app prior-to/concurrently-with Warcraft-III-Setup.exe

This is the tricky/broken part. It seems blizzard has bolted-on a buggy separate launcher made bespoke for WC3C.

Trying to run Warcraft-III-Setup.exe standalone results in an error message linking to the completely-useless information-devoid article for error code BLZBNTBTS0000005C.

The actual issue from the logs appears to be related to a bug in Agent build 6700's self-updating feature.

A reproducible workaround is to have the installed previously by lutris running/logged in prior to starting the installer. Presumably IPC is used to the running agent, which skips the bugged self-update process.


When you start the installed Warcraft III.exe, it will create a completely blank grey window. This is also a agent bug. Drag the window out-of-bounds and back in to view, and it will redraw. You can do this continously as you type your credentials.

Once logged in, you don't need to do this again.

black screen/broken resolution switching

I use xmonad, which cooperates best with what is reported in-game as "Windowed Fullscreen".

Set -nativefullscr in Arguments seems to apply this.

You might also try -window just to get the game running so you can get to the video options settings.

world editor

The current default wine-4.0-tkg is too old and displays black boxes and other artifacts;

wine bugs with the world editor were almost-fixed some time near 4.8.

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