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Amarino project- Light sensor
/* visit to know about Amarino*/
#include <MeetAndroid.h>
// declare MeetAndroid so that you can call functions with it
MeetAndroid meetAndroid;
int redLed = 11;
void setup()
// use the baud rate your bluetooth module is configured to
// not all baud rates are working well, i.e. ATMEGA328 works best with 57600
// register callback functions, which will be called when an associated event occurs.
meetAndroid.registerFunction(valuesensor, 'm');
// set all color leds as output pins
pinMode(redLed, OUTPUT);
// just set all leds to high so that we see they are working well
digitalWrite(redLed, HIGH);
void loop()
meetAndroid.receive(); // you need to keep this in your loop() to receive events
* Whenever the multicolor lamp app changes the red value
* this function will be called
void valuesensor(byte flag, byte numOfValues)
analogWrite(redLed, meetAndroid.getInt());
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