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pietbrauer / Makefile
Created Apr 26, 2015
Shutdown and reset all iOS Simulators
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./ 2>/dev/null; true
FloorD / gist:944d152fdd655cae03e8
Last active Aug 29, 2015
A recap of ROSSConf Vienna, April 25 2015
View gist:944d152fdd655cae03e8

###The ROSSConf project, or: helping Open Source help Open Source

Last April Saturday ROSSConf Vienna took place. Sixty registered participants, some loose canons, 5 projects, 6 maintainers, 8-ish team members, 1 baby all in one coworking space. Here's what happened.

*credit: Manuel Gruber*

####In the beginning October last year, at arrrrcamp, I came up with the concept for ROSSConf. Having attended 1001 tech conferences (I haven't kept count) I concluded that I'm always missing something. I found myself listening to a talk and wishing I could contribute to the project discussed but the internet connection wasn't sufficient for cloning the repo, nor was there time to hack on the project as the next talk was about to start. And, I figured, I'd need some time to get into the project and the contributing etiquette before being able to contribute.

hueniverse / gist:a06f6315ea736ed1b46d
Last active Oct 11, 2019
Simple node.js code style tips to improve code quality
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Whether you use 2 spaces or 4 spaces, there are a few simple things that can make your node.js code easier to read. We've been using them in all the hapi modules for over 4 years now to great results. This list is by no means complete but it highlights the most useful elements that will give you immediate value in reducing bugs.

Required modules

JavaScript makes it harder than most languages to know where variables are coming from. Variables assigned required modules are particularly important because they represent a singleton object shared with the entire application. There are also globals and module globals, along with function variables and arguments.

Traditionally, variables starting with an uppercase letter represent a class that must be instantiated using new. This was an important semantic in the early days of JavaScript but at this point, if you don't know Date requires new Date() you are probably very new. We have adopted Upper Camel Case variable names for all module global variables

View gist:985ce910f82f151b01e2
func connection(connection: NSURLConnection, canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace protectionSpace: NSURLProtectionSpace?) -> Bool
return protectionSpace?.authenticationMethod == NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust
func connection(connection: NSURLConnection, didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge challenge: NSURLAuthenticationChallenge?)
if challenge?.protectionSpace.authenticationMethod == NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust
if challenge? == ""
View motion-kit-love.rb
class ProfileLayout < MotionKit::Layout
def layout
add UIImageView, :profile_image
add UILabel, :name_label
add UILabel, :bio_label
background_color UIColor.whiteColor
def profile_image_style

PGP encryption guide

Generating your key pair

gpg --gen-key

echo "export GPGKEY=01086FDA" > ~/.bashrc

mattes / call
Last active Jan 8, 2018
Place a call from terminal using your iPhone (Mac OS X Yosemite & iOS 8)
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#!/usr/bin/env sh
open "tel://$*"
shuairan /
Last active Aug 14, 2019 Backend und Frontend auf Uberspace installieren
marcoarment / gist:1105553afba6b4900c10
Created Oct 21, 2014
Variable-height UITableView tableHeaderView with autolayout
View gist:1105553afba6b4900c10
// in a UITableViewController (or any other view controller with a UITableView)
- (void)viewWillTransitionToSize:(CGSize)size withTransitionCoordinator:(id<UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator>)coordinator
UIView *header = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, size.width, 0)];
header.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = NO;
// [add subviews and their constraints to header]
NSLayoutConstraint *headerWidthConstraint = [NSLayoutConstraint
willrax / my_scene.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Parallax scrolling with Sprite Kit and RubyMotion
View my_scene.rb
# Video of it in action:
class MyScene < SKScene
def scroll_action(x, duration)
width = (x * 2)
move = SKAction.moveByX(-width, y: 0, duration: duration * width)
reset = SKAction.moveByX(width, y: 0, duration: 0)
SKAction.repeatActionForever(SKAction.sequence([move, reset]))
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