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path of exile check
from dataclasses import dataclass
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as soup
import requests
from collections import Counter
import time
# python 3.7
# installation:
# pip install bs4 lxml requests
class Bot:
def __init__(self, url):
self.url = url
self.parser = soup(self._get_html(), 'lxml')
def _get_count(data):
cnt = Counter()
for i, v in enumerate(data):
cnt[v] += 1
return cnt
def _get_html(self, url=None):
return requests.get(url or self.url).content
def _get_all_ign(self):
return [
for e in
self.parser.findAll('span', 'success label')
def parse(self):
return self._get_count(self._get_all_ign())
class Item:
name: str
price: int
currency: str
url: str
description: str = ''
def __post_init__(self): = Bot(self.url)
def get_message(self, seller, amount):
return f'@{seller} Hi, I would like to buy your {} listed for {self.price} ' \
f'{self.currency} in Delve. I will take all {amount} for a total of {self.price * amount} {self.currency}.' \
f'Please dont add me to party, just write that u agree! Thanks!'
class Search:
items: list
custom_message: str = None
def go(self, more_than=1):
for item in self.items:
data =
for nick, amount in data.most_common():
if amount > more_than:
print(item.get_message(nick, amount))
cheap_fossils = [
Item('Aberrant Fossil', 1, 'chisel', '',
'More Chaos modifiers, No Lightning modifiers'),
sidhebreath_alch = Item('Sidhebreath Paua Amulet ', 1, 'alchemy', '')
sidhebreath_fusing = Item('Sidhebreath Paua Amulet ', 1, 'fusing', '')
bound_fossil = Item('Bound Fossil', 1, 'chaos', '')
if __name__ == '__main__':
while True:
while True:
Item('Bound Fossil', 1, 'chaos', ''),
Item('Jagged Fossil', 2, 'chaos', ''),
Item('Bound Fossil', 1, 'chaos', ''),
Item('Tangled Fossil', 1, 'chaos', ''),
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