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To cherry pick from head and commit back into a tag
-from master in working branch
>> git branch [new branch] [tag]
>> git checkout [branch]
-pull commit out and add it to the commit at the top of the tag
>> git cherry-pick [commit] or git cherry-pick [firstcommit]^..[lastcommit] if you have a range
-resolve conflicts
-delete the local tag
>> git git tag -d [tag]
-add a new tag at the head of the old one
>> git tag [tag]
-delete the remote tag
>> git push origin :[tag]
-push new tag and commits
>> git push origin [tag]
git branch a release_a
git checkout a
git cherry-pick 899a25202dbf8bdb58fc73ae836f50660ec0b23b
git tag -d release_a
git tag release_a
git push origin :release_a
git push origin release_a
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