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Created December 22, 2021 18:59
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curl '' -X POST -H 'x-hasura-admin-secret: dEaDbEEF' --data-raw '{"query":"query MyQuery {\n tzprofiles(distinct_on: account, limit: 100000) {\n valid_claims\n account\n }\n}\n","variables":null,"operationName":"MyQuery"}' > /tmp/hasura.json
cat /tmp/hasura.json | jq '.data.tzprofiles[] | .account as $account | select(.valid_claims[][1] | contains($account) | not)'
cat /tmp/hasura.json | jq '.data.tzprofiles[] | .account as $account | select(.valid_claims[][1] | contains("") or contains("BasicProfile") or contains("EthereumAddressControl") or contains("EthereumControl") | not)'
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As designed by @sbihel as part of review of TZP, December 2021. See Spruce blog post for more details.

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