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burisu /
Last active July 11, 2019 10:31 — forked from Stanback/
Convert all CoffeeScript files to Javascript (coffee2js)
# Install coffeescript cli
npm -g install decaffeinate
# Convert all coffeescript files to javascript
find . -name "*.coffee" -exec decaffeinate --use-cs2 --disable-suggestion-comment {} \;
# Optionally delete original coffee files
find . -name "*.coffee" -exec rm {} \;
burisu / simulate-sensors
Last active October 28, 2015 21:20
Sensor for Ekylibre
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'colored'
require 'rest-client'
require 'yaml'
require 'pathname'
sensors = [
name: "SNS01",
token: "Y7OQ54T64m3DJtFG",
burisu /
Created August 14, 2012 12:37
Initialize global environment for RBenv, Ruby 1.9.3, Apache2 and Passenger
# Installs RBenv for production mode with passenger
# Install packages
apt-get install git build-essential apache2 openssl libcurl4-openssl-dev apache2-prefork-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev
# Install rbenv
mkdir -p ${rbenv_dir}