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@burke burke/ssh.rb
Created Jan 11, 2011

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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Inspired by
# == What this version does:
# 1) Launch an SSH process
# 2) Grab the IP that SSH connected to
# 3) Hash that IP and generate a colour from it
# 4) Change's background colour to that colour.
# 5) Change the colour back when SSH exits.
# == How to install:
# 1) Put this somewhere in your path. I put mine at ~/bin/ssh.
# == Caveats:
# - Only works with OS X. shouldn't be hard to port to Linux if you care.
# == Configuration:
# The range to be selected from for each or {r,g,b}. Change RANGE whatever you like, or use one of the presets.
DARK = 0x00..0x33
LIGHT = 0xCC..0xFF
# Your default background colour. E.g. black is [0,0,0], white is [255,255,255] or [0xff,0xff,0xff]
DEFAULT = [0,0,0]
require 'digest/sha1' do
def set_color(r, g, b)
cmd = <<CMD
/usr/bin/osascript <<EOF
tell application "Terminal"
tell window 0
set the background color to {$((#{r}*65535/255)), $((#{g}*65535/255)), $((#{b}*65535/255))}
end tell
end tell
system cmd
def mapcolor(range, seed)
size = range.last - range.first
((seed.to_i(16) * (size.to_f / 255.0)).to_i + range.first)
def color_from_ip(range, ip)
hash = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest(ip)
r = mapcolor(range, hash[0..1])
g = mapcolor(range, hash[2..3])
b = mapcolor(range, hash[4..5])
[r, g, b]
this_pid =
child_pid = nil
until child_pid
child_pid = `ps -opid,ppid`.scan(/^\s*(\d+)\s+#{this_pid}$/).flatten.first
sleep 0.1
ip = nil
until ip
ip = `lsof -w -a -i -p #{child_pid} -Pn -Fn | tail -n1`.scan(/^n.*->(.*):.*$/).flatten.first
sleep 0.1
set_color(*color_from_ip(RANGE, ip))
END { set_color(*DEFAULT) }
system(*["/usr/bin/ssh", *ARGV])
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