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Created January 24, 2019 21:59
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"/nix/store/nlrp8pbf0y32zp63hbi5k9s0fhiwqrag-ruby2.5.3-gctrack-0.1.0.drv": {
"outputs": {
"out": {
"path": "/nix/store/3fqq6mfi2ip92rc8clxwgngblyk4k90g-ruby2.5.3-gctrack-0.1.0"
"inputSrcs": [
"inputDrvs": {
"/nix/store/1nyl3m32ckkfzfzljb3knggaqq2kdbii-objc4-osx-10.11.6.drv": [
"/nix/store/6akkdd69cmjdp7jbj9xywj7224wskacw-gctrack-0.1.0.gem.drv": [
"/nix/store/wax8q2832ijclilfv7smyh425fd1w6y0-hook.drv": [
"/nix/store/wibb5igccawbd248gxcx36cbifhvgbxx-ruby-2.5.3.drv": [
"/nix/store/wmblqd09cd3alm7yvzz866yj9v08rlcx-bash-4.4-p23.drv": [
"/nix/store/zyfm8mcll9z52l6s5acqmz7pa2gp1vv9-stdenv-darwin.drv": [
"platform": "x86_64-darwin",
"builder": "/nix/store/9b5p08gmyh0p3vxy4zgnwb23k2d3k8fn-bash-4.4-p23/bin/bash",
"args": [
"env": {
"__impureHostDeps": "/bin/sh /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib /usr/lib/system/libunc.dylib /dev/zero /dev/random /dev/urandom /bin/sh",
"__propagatedImpureHostDeps": "",
"__propagatedSandboxProfile": "",
"__sandboxProfile": "",
"buildInputs": "/nix/store/25z2rs8md658a5mpf9690ciqzskmcixw-ruby-2.5.3 /nix/store/vdzy75nmb76c0khvspk9bxxwh9srvl90-hook /nix/store/r0h17p710x83z3si8h0s4i2hhmq6gmwf-objc4-osx-10.11.6",
"buildPhase": "runHook preBuild\n\nif [[ \"$type\" == \"gem\" ]]; then\n if [[ -z \"$gemspec\" ]]; then\n gemspec=\"$(find . -name '*.gemspec')\"\n echo \"found the following gemspecs:\"\n echo \"$gemspec\"\n gemspec=\"$(echo \"$gemspec\" | head -n1)\"\n fi\n\n exec 3>&1\n output=\"$(gem build $gemspec | tee >(cat - >&3))\"\n exec 3>&-\n\n gempkg=$(echo \"$output\" | grep -oP 'File: \\K(.*)')\n\n echo \"gem package built: $gempkg\"\nfi\n\nrunHook postBuild\n",
"builder": "/nix/store/9b5p08gmyh0p3vxy4zgnwb23k2d3k8fn-bash-4.4-p23/bin/bash",
"configureFlags": "",
"depsBuildBuild": "",
"depsBuildBuildPropagated": "",
"depsBuildTarget": "",
"depsBuildTargetPropagated": "",
"depsHostHost": "",
"depsHostHostPropagated": "",
"depsTargetTarget": "",
"depsTargetTargetPropagated": "",
"doCheck": "",
"doInstallCheck": "",
"dontBuild": "1",
"dontStrip": "1",
"gemName": "gctrack",
"gemPath": "",
"groups": "default",
"installPhase": "runHook preInstall\n\nexport GEM_HOME=$out/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0\nmkdir -p $GEM_HOME\n\necho \"buildFlags: $buildFlags\"\n\n\n\n\nif [[ -z \"$gempkg\" ]]; then\n echo \"failure: \\$gempkg path unspecified\" 1>&2\n exit 1\nelif [[ ! -f \"$gempkg\" ]]; then\n echo \"failure: \\$gempkg path invalid\" 1>&2\n exit 1\nfi\n\ngem install \\\n --local \\\n --force \\\n --http-proxy 'http://nodtd.invalid' \\\n --ignore-dependencies \\\n --install-dir \"$GEM_HOME\" \\\n --build-root '/' \\\n --backtrace \\\n --no-env-shebang \\\n -N \\\n $gempkg $gemFlags -- $buildFlags\n\n# looks like useless files which break build repeatability and consume space\nrm -fv $out/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/doc/*/*/created.rid || true\nrm -fv $out/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/*/ext/*/mkmf.log || true\n\n# write out metadata and binstubs\nspec=$(echo $out/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/specifications/*.gemspec)\nruby /nix/store/l5d3c049z5r1rgkavamz78g0p3r95w2z-gem-post-build.rb \"$spec\"\n\n\nfor section in {1..9}; do\n mandir=\"$out/share/man/man$section\"\n find $out/lib \\( -wholename \"*/man/*.$section\" -o -wholename \"*/man/man$section/*.$section\" \\) \\\n -execdir mkdir -p $mandir \\; -execdir cp '{}' $mandir \\;\ndone\n\n\nrunHook postInstall\n",
"name": "ruby2.5.3-gctrack-0.1.0",
"nativeBuildInputs": "",
"out": "/nix/store/3fqq6mfi2ip92rc8clxwgngblyk4k90g-ruby2.5.3-gctrack-0.1.0",
"outputs": "out",
"propagatedBuildInputs": "",
"propagatedNativeBuildInputs": "",
"propagatedUserEnvPkgs": "",
"ruby": "/nix/store/25z2rs8md658a5mpf9690ciqzskmcixw-ruby-2.5.3",
"src": "/nix/store/6gf48mqfgmvmz74mg5f8w932srnslzh7-gctrack-0.1.0.gem",
"stdenv": "/nix/store/in41dz8byyyz4c0w132l7mqi43liv4yr-stdenv-darwin",
"strictDeps": "",
"system": "x86_64-darwin",
"type": "gem",
"unpackPhase": "runHook preUnpack\n\nif [[ -f $src && $src == *.gem ]]; then\n if [[ -z \"$dontBuild\" ]]; then\n # we won't know the name of the directory that RubyGems creates,\n # so we'll just use a glob to find it and move it over.\n gempkg=\"$src\"\n sourceRoot=source\n gem unpack $gempkg --target=container\n cp -r container/* $sourceRoot\n rm -r container\n\n # copy out the original gemspec, for convenience during patching /\n # overrides.\n gem specification $gempkg --ruby > original.gemspec\n gemspec=$(readlink -f .)/original.gemspec\n else\n gempkg=\"$src\"\n fi\nelse\n # Fall back to the original thing for everything else.\n dontBuild=\"\"\n preUnpack=\"\" postUnpack=\"\" unpackPhase\nfi\n\nrunHook postUnpack\n",
"version": "0.1.0"
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