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TMUX: Rebinding CAPS LOCK to CTRL + B

Disabling CAPS LOCK

If you haven't already done so, gain an extra key and open up your System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys ... and rebind CAPSLOCK to No Action.

Rebinding CAPSLOCK to CONTROL_R (Right Control Key)

  • Install PCKeyboardHack
  • Open System Preferences > PCKeyboardHack
  • Change "Caps Lock" to keycode 62.

Reassigning the Caps Lock

Rebinding CONTROL_R (Right Control Key) to CONTROL + B

  • Install KeyRemap4MacBook

  • Open System Preferences > KeyRemap4MackBook > Misc & Uninstall

  • Click "Open private.xml"

Opening private.xml

  • Copy and Paste the private.xml provided with in this gist.
  • Open System Preferences > KeyRemap4MackBook > Change Key
  • Click "ReloadXML"
  • Toggle open "TMUX Key Remappings"
  • Check "TMUX: Right Control to Control+B

Enabling Keybinding

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name>TMUX Key Remappings</name>
<name>TMUX: Right Control to Ctrl+B</name>
KeyCode::B, ModifierFlag::CONTROL_L

yeah! thanks dude.... this rocks!

mahemoff commented Apr 1, 2013

Awesome! If anyone's wondering why not to simply map Caps Lock to Ctrl-B , the answer is it doesn't work very well at all. It seems to require Caps Lock to be up before the other key is pressed, and even then, seems to require some delay. I assume this is why @burtlo did it this way.

Also, careful if using iTerm or other terminals; the XML will need to include them. See


PCKeyboardhack has been renamed. In Yosemite press command+space sail
KeyRemap4MacBook has been renamed to Karabiner. command+space karabiner
Thanks for this awesome tip

dpo commented May 7, 2015

Thanks! If instead of replacing your private.xml you just add

      <name>TMUX: Right Control to Ctrl+B</name>
      <appendix>TMUX Key Remappings</appendix>
        KeyCode::B, ModifierFlag::CONTROL_L

to your existing private.xml, then it also works in iTerm.

mahemoff commented Jun 8, 2015

Seil is the new name for PCKeyboardHack (not Sail)

And Karabiner is the new name for KeyRemap4MacBook

This seems to be broken in mac Sierra. Any workarounds?

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