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bussiere / autocomplete-group-results-trevoreyre-autocomplete-js.markdown
Created Apr 14, 2021
Autocomplete group results - @trevoreyre/autocomplete-js
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Autocomplete group results - @trevoreyre/autocomplete-js

Example of an autocomplete component using a custom renderResult function to control of rendering of items in the results list, and grouping the results into groups of 3. Using the @trevoreyre/autocomplete-js package from npm.

A Pen by Trevor Eyre on CodePen.


bussiere / srd_5e_monsters.json
Created Jan 14, 2021 — forked from tkfu/srd_5e_monsters.json
A JSON file with all the D&D 5e SRD monster data
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"name": "Aboleth",
"meta": "Large aberration, lawful evil",
"Armor Class": "17 (Natural Armor)",
"Hit Points": "135 (18d10 + 36)",
"Speed": "10 ft., swim 40 ft. ",
"STR": "21",
"STR_mod": "(+5)",
"DEX": "9",
bussiere / config.go
Created Dec 18, 2020 — forked from chazcheadle/config.go
Golang Viper config read into struct
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package main
import (
// Create private data struct to hold config options.
type config struct {
bussiere / go-worker.go
Created Feb 16, 2020 — forked from System-Glitch/go-worker.go
A resilient service worker written in Go
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package main
// This is an example of a resilient service worker program written in Go.
// This program will run a worker every 5 seconds and exit when SIGINT or SIGTERM
// is received, while ensuring any ongoing work is finished before exiting.
// Unexpected panics are also handled: program won't crash if the worker panics.
import (
bussiere / cantor_pairing.go
Created Feb 14, 2020 — forked from dyoo/cantor_pairing.go
Cantor pairing function
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package main
import (
func InvertedCantorPairing(z int) (int, int) {
w := int(math.Floor((math.Sqrt(float64(8*z+1)) - 1) / 2))
bussiere / mtable
Created Jan 1, 2020
orm table map table in go
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tables-to-go -v -t pg -h -d dvfmicro -u user -p password
bussiere / Weirdest Harry Potter Fan Fic
Created Dec 23, 2019
Weirdest Harry Potter Fan Fic
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You are Rubino, a rogue from the province of Elsbury. You have a pair of gloves
and a lockpick.
You go amongst the local vendors looking for some sperviter to rob. You decide
on one that is selling an elixir called "Sperminator". It seems like it would
be easy enough
> Buy the sperminator elixir
You buy the elixir and take it back to your hideout in the forest. You find out
you can't drink it, but you can use it as a lockpick
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Generating story...
You are Aaylin, a peasant from the province of Unirakon. You have a dusty shovel
and a shovel.
You wake up at the break of dawn and start toiling in the fields. For a while,
you have wanted to run away. You see that your life is meaningless and you want
nothing more than to be free. But you know that if you do so, you will no longer
be able to work the land as you once did
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film de cuisine francais mais avec les collabos humain de terminator qui collaborent avec skynet ...
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$ redis-cli FLUSHALL
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$ redis-cli FLUSHDB
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$ redis-cli -n <database_number> FLUSHDB