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--- a/lib/msf/core/exploit/remote/browser_exploit_server.rb
+++ b/lib/msf/core/exploit/remote/browser_exploit_server.rb
@@ -103,7 +103,8 @@ module Msf
register_advanced_options(['CookieName', [false, "The name of the tracking cookie", DEFAULT_COOKIE_NAME]),'CookieExpiration', [false, "Cookie expiration in years (blank=expire on exit)"]),
-'Custom404', [false, "An external custom 404 URL (Example:"])
+'Custom404', [false, "An external custom 404 URL (Example:"]),
+'IgnoreBrowserRequirements', [false, "Ignore browser requirements for the exploit"])
], Exploit::Remote::BrowserExploitServer)
@@ -234,6 +235,7 @@ module Msf
# @param profile [Hash] The profile to check
# @return [Array] An array of requirements not met
def get_bad_requirements(profile)
+ return [] if datastore['IgnoreBrowserRequirements']
bad_reqs = []
@requirements.each do |rk, v|
k = rk.to_sym
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