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Philosophers and thinkers communication style described with a single sentence
Albert Einstein - His genius papers are never read by common people, but they absorb every sentence he ever said publicly.
Bertrand Russel - He was the center of the logical revolution of mathematics, but his gentleman appearance hides his colorful life.
Daniel Dennett - Smart, knows a lot and good at talking about interesting things. He is the center.
Eliezer Yudkowsky - The world collides with him, he loves it, he attacks it straight on, and the world loses ... every time.
Elon Musk - A cool idea that sounds like one came up with it while playing on the boy's room, but real.
Jordan Peterson - His well thought out arguments are uncomfortable, because you "know" it is not the whole story.
Jonathan Blow - Points to something, it's not left, right, up or down, it's a new dimension.
Julia Galef - Nice and wholesome how-tos for getting better at rational thinking.
Ludwig Wittgenstein - Ignores what everyone else believe, writes little, and thinks about it the whole life. Doomed to succeed.
Nick Bostrom - Here is this crazy idea you should consider backed by logic, but he never changes his assumptions. Ever.
Sam Harris - High quality control, common sense and thought hygiene that makes his ideas take the center, not his person.
Sven Nilsen - Heads into the unknown. Don't looks back.
Steve Jobs - In your face advocate for taste.
Steve Pinker - Everything is getting better and you MUST know it!
Steve Wozniak - Communicates on equal level with people, but his talents drip through occasionally.
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