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bw-matthew / replace-labels.js
Last active Feb 7, 2017 — forked from qubyte/replace-labels.js
Replace labels for a repo with standard set.
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var token = '<insert token>';
var owner = '<insert owner>';
var repo = '<insert repo>';
var newLabels = [
{color: 'e10c02', name: 'Don\'t merge'},
{color: '3ad5e0', name: 'Passed QA'},
{color: '207de5', name: 'Passed review'},
{color: '02e10c', name: 'Waiting for branch'},
{color: 'eb6420', name: 'Waiting for QA'},
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" static-import.vim - Add static imports
" Maintainer: Matthew Franglen
" Version: 0.0.1
if exists('g:loaded_static_import') || &compatible
let g:loaded_static_import = 1
if ! exists('g:static_import_search_dir')
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(defmacro ☺ [expression] (println expression))
( "I'm OG!")
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" Guard against loading this twice. This does mean you cannot do:
" source $MYVIMRC
" to pick up changes, but that isn't usually what you want anyway (it does not
" clear existing settings that are no longer being set).
if ( exists('g:loaded_vimrc') && g:loaded_vimrc )
let g:loaded_vimrc = 1
function s:Main()