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Created Jul 11, 2018
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lock free test
#include <stdio.h>
#include <atomic>
template<typename V>
class LockFreeList {
struct Node {
V value;
std::shared_ptr<Node> next;
Node(const V& value) : value(value), next(nullptr) {}
//std::atomic<std::shared_ptr<Node>> first; // waiting for C++20
std::shared_ptr<Node> first;
void push_front(const V& value) {
auto new_node = std::make_shared<Node>(value);
new_node->next = std::atomic_load(&first);
while(!std::atomic_compare_exchange_weak(&first, &new_node->next, new_node));
V pop_front() {
auto node = std::atomic_load(&first);
while (node && !std::atomic_compare_exchange_weak(&first, &node, node->next));
return std::move(node->value);
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