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Created Feb 26, 2018
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Lanetix Union: Email To Management (January 16, 2018)

To the management of Lanetix,

We, the software engineers of Lanetix in Washington and San Francisco, are proud to announce that we are unionizing with the News Guild (Communication Workers of America).

For many workers in our industry, hopping from firm to firm as challenges arise is a lamentable but unquestioned mode of life. Today, we demonstrate a new approach.

By organizing, we rise to the challenge of preserving and strengthening culture which has attracted an unusually diverse and distinguished team. With a collective voice on the job, we can successfully navigate the productive tensions that are part and parcel of growth in a turbulent industry.

We are united in our resolve to achieve consistency in titles and salaries, recruitment of talented staff engineers, regular raises, scheduled appraisals on an objective basis, 401k matching, just cause for termination, and rational work from home, paid time off, and overtime policies. But beyond these prosaic objectives, we aim to set a new standard for transparency and accountability in our industry.

We’re grateful to have a management team that has affirmed our right to organize and far-sighted investors who recognize the competitive advantages of an engaged workforce. We look forward to taking these next steps together, and promise that you will find us to be fair-minded partners in dialog. We hereby request voluntary recognition of our union, support for which is overwhelming. We hope to hear from you by Friday, January 19 and will arrange for prompt verification.

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