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Python script to restore the metadata for a Deckset file after it is in version control, via xattr. Set your preferred Theme name and Colorscheme in top of file.
!/usr/bin/env python
# Quick Script to Fix the Local Settings of Deckset Themes
# Deckset uses `xattr` metadata which isn't preserved
# by version control.
# Note that Vim will also overwrite your metadata unless you `set backupcopy=yes`
# Brendan McAdams <>
import xattr
import glob
StandardTheme = "next"
StandardColors = "scheme9" # black with white text
print "\n For all Presentations in Filetree, setting Theme '%s' with Color Scheme '%s'..." % (StandardTheme, StandardColors)
for f in glob.glob('*/*.md'):
print "\t *** Fixing '%s'" % f
xattr.setxattr(f, 'com.decksetapp.Theme', StandardTheme)
xattr.setxattr(f, 'com.decksetapp.ColorScheme', StandardColors)
print " Done."
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bwmcadams commented Sep 7, 2015

xattr should ship with OS X's default Python. It was on my freshly installed machine with no extra install.

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