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Git Delete Merged Branches
BRANCHES=$(git branch --merged $MAIN | grep -v -e 'master\|staging\|development\|\*')
echo Branches merged into $MAIN:
read -p "Delete these branches (y/n)? " answer
if [ "$answer" = "n" ]; then echo aborting && exit; fi
echo $BRANCHES | xargs -n 1 git branch -d

Git Delete Merged Branches

This is a handy script to delete any leftover and merged git branches. It will detect branches merged into development and delete those, except branches named master or staging. These branch names can be configured by editing the script.

To install simply run:

curl -L | bash

Or manually put this script into ~/bin and run chmod +x ~/bin/

If you run it the output will look like this:

Branches merged into development:
some-merged-feature-branch another-merged-feature-branch
Delete these branches (y/n)? y
Deleted branch some-merged-feature-branch (was 281d690).
Deleted branch another-merged-feature-branch (was 0b67c29).

You can also supply a branch name as a first argument, if your target branch is not named development like this:

~/my-git-repo> master
Branches merged into master:


Enjoy! :)

mkdir -p ~/bin
curl > ~/bin/
chmod +x ~/bin/
echo installed successfully.

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bxt commented Oct 19, 2015

For OS X you have to remove the -r flag from xargs, as this is implied for BSDish versions.


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bxt commented Oct 26, 2016

This script already saved me today. I had pushed a feature branch to the remote repository, had the merge-request accepted and ran as I always do after my MRs got merged. However, one of the merged branches was not listed. At first I thought I had encountered a bug in but then it became clear: I had forgotten to push one commit in this branch to origin, so the branch was not fully merged. I ran:

git checkout feature-branch-with-leftover-commit
git checkout -b new-branch-for-single-commit
git push origin new-branch-for-single-commit

And when this branch got merged in the remote I did:

git checkout developement
git fetch -p
> From
>  - [deleted]         (none)     -> origin/new-branch-for-single-commit
> (...)
git pull 
> Branches merged into development:
> feature-branch-with-leftover-commit new-branch-for-single-commit
> Delete these branches (y/n)? 
> Deleted branch feature-branch-with-leftover-commit (was d3adbef).
> Deleted branch new-branch-for-single-commit (was b31337a).

Yey, everything in check again.

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