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Buddy Yaussy byaussy

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  • Atlanta, GA
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select udf_id,
udf.default_value udf_default_value,
udf.entity_type udf_entity_type,
udf.is_active udf_is_active,
udf.is_required udf_is_required,
udf.label udf_label,
udf.value_type udf_value_type,
udf.values udf_values,
udf.entity_ids udf_entity_ids,
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with client_udefs as (
select as client_mdm_id,
c.hmx_legacy_id as client_hmx_legacy_id,
c.code as client_code,
c."name" as client_name,
jsonb_object_keys(c.user_defined_fields)::bigint as client_udef_id,
c.user_defined_fields -> jsonb_object_keys(c.user_defined_fields) as client_udef_value
from hmx_mdm_source.client c
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-- billing rules
DELETE FROM billing_rules WHERE created_username = 'dm-batch-import';
DELETE FROM billing_rule_groups WHERE created_username = 'dm-batch-import';
SELECT setval(pg_get_serial_sequence('billing_rule_groups', 'id'),
(SELECT GREATEST(max( + 1, 1000) FROM billing_rule_groups) ,
SELECT setval(pg_get_serial_sequence('billing_rules', 'id'),
(SELECT GREATEST(max( + 1, 1000) FROM billing_rules) ,
SELECT setval(pg_get_serial_sequence('custom_fee', 'id'),
View audit_log.sql
--client audits
with client_audits as
select id as audit_log_id
, log_datetime_created
, user_name as modified_by_user_name
, response_body::jsonb -> 'id' as client_mdm_id
, response_body::jsonb -> 'code' as client_code
, response_body::jsonb -> 'name' as name
, response_body::jsonb -> 'isActive' as is_active
View full_maps.sql
with client_all as
select distinct, client.externalcode, client.client
from dentsu_customer_client_unique client
join base_customer_unique cust
on = and
client.externalcode = cust.externalcode
where cust.mdm_id is not null