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Created February 1, 2011 06:53
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Yahoo Weather Condition Codes
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<code number="0" description="tornado"/>
<code number="1" description="tropical storm"/>
<code number="2" description="hurricane"/>
<code number="3" description="severe thunderstorms"/>
<code number="4" description="thunderstorms"/>
<code number="5" description="mixed rain and snow"/>
<code number="6" description="mixed rain and sleet"/>
<code number="7" description="mixed snow and sleet"/>
<code number="8" description="freezing drizzle"/>
<code number="9" description="drizzle"/>
<code number="10" description="freezing rain"/>
<code number="11" description="showers"/>
<code number="12" description="showers"/>
<code number="13" description="snow flurries"/>
<code number="14" description="light snow showers"/>
<code number="15" description="blowing snow"/>
<code number="16" description="snow"/>
<code number="17" description="hail"/>
<code number="18" description="sleet"/>
<code number="19" description="dust"/>
<code number="20" description="foggy"/>
<code number="21" description="haze"/>
<code number="22" description="smoky"/>
<code number="23" description="blustery"/>
<code number="24" description="windy"/>
<code number="25" description="cold"/>
<code number="26" description="cloudy"/>
<code number="27" description="mostly cloudy (night)"/>
<code number="28" description="mostly cloudy (day)"/>
<code number="29" description="partly cloudy (night)"/>
<code number="30" description="partly cloudy (day)"/>
<code number="31" description="clear (night)"/>
<code number="32" description="sunny"/>
<code number="33" description="fair (night)"/>
<code number="34" description="fair (day)"/>
<code number="35" description="mixed rain and hail"/>
<code number="36" description="hot"/>
<code number="37" description="isolated thunderstorms"/>
<code number="38" description="scattered thunderstorms"/>
<code number="39" description="scattered thunderstorms"/>
<code number="40" description="scattered showers"/>
<code number="41" description="heavy snow"/>
<code number="42" description="scattered snow showers"/>
<code number="43" description="heavy snow"/>
<code number="44" description="partly cloudy"/>
<code number="45" description="thundershowers"/>
<code number="46" description="snow showers"/>
<code number="47" description="isolated thundershowers"/>
<code number="3200" description="not available"/>
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kishansharma14300 commented Jul 27, 2019

What is link of Yahoo weather Condition Icons.....?

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