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View employee_dept_icicle.csv
ID Label Level Level ID Value
1 A HR 1 20
1 B IT 1 30
1 C Sales 1 15
1 D Finance 1 35
2 A1 HR 2 10
3 A2 HR 2 5
4 A3 HR 2 5
2 B1 IT 2 15
3 B2 IT 2 15
# append all DataFrames into one before writing to single table in Hyper
final_df = df1.append(df2).append(df3).reset_index(drop=True)
pantab.frames_to_hyper({"pokemon": final_df}, "hyper/all_pokemon_in_one.hyper")
# this produces the same result as above
pantab.frame_to_hyper(df1, "hyper/all_pokemon_append.hyper", table = "pokemon")
pantab.frame_to_hyper(df2, "hyper/all_pokemon_append.hyper", table = "pokemon", table_mode = "a")
pantab.frame_to_hyper(df3, "hyper/all_pokemon_append.hyper", table = "pokemon", table_mode = "a")
df1 = pd.read_csv("data/starter_pokemon_grass.csv")
df2 = pd.read_csv("data/starter_pokemon_fire.csv")
df3 = pd.read_csv("data/starter_pokemon_water.csv")
dict_df = {"grass": df1, "fire": df2, "water": df3}
pantab.frames_to_hyper(dict_df, "hyper/all_pokemon_separate.hyper")
import csv
from tableauhyperapi import HyperProcess, Telemetry, Connection, CreateMode, NOT_NULLABLE, NULLABLE, SqlType, \
TableDefinition, Inserter, escape_name, escape_string_literal, HyperException, TableName
with HyperProcess(telemetry=Telemetry.DO_NOT_SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU) as hyper:
print("starting up Hyper Process")
with Connection(hyper.endpoint, 'hyper/pokemon_hyper_api.hyper', CreateMode.CREATE_AND_REPLACE) as connection:
print("creating or replacing pokemon_hyper_api.hyper")
poke_table = TableDefinition(TableName('public','pokemon'), [
# these two are equivalent
pantab.frame_from_hyper("hyper/pokemon_public.hyper", table = "pokemon")
pantab.frame_from_hyper("hyper/pokemon_public.hyper", table = TableName("public", "pokemon"))
# this errors out with message "HyperException: Specified table does not exist: pokemon."
pantab.frame_from_hyper("hyper/pokemon_extract.hyper", table = "pokemon")
# need to specify schema to read table from
pantab.frame_from_hyper("hyper/pokemon_extract.hyper", table = TableName("Extract", "pokemon"))
# dict_keys([TableName('public', 'pokemon')])
# dict_keys([TableName('Extract', 'pokemon')])
import pandas as pd
import pantab
from tableauhyperapi import TableName
df = pd.read_csv("data/starter_pokemon_grass.csv")
# save DataFrame output to .hyper file
pantab.frame_to_hyper(df, "hyper/pokemon_public.hyper", table = "pokemon")
# save to schema other than public
c-l-nguyen /
Last active Mar 31, 2020
Set up Oracle client on Mac
1. Download basic instant client (and maybe the SQL*Plus package) at
2. Unzip downloads
3. Mostly follow this tutorial:
	a. But create an /oracle folder in /usr/local folder instead
	b. Move the unzipped folders to /usr/local/oracle
	c. Put lines in .zshrc file if on macOS Catalina and set zsh as default shell
4. Get the tnsnames.ora file (and maybe the sqlnet.ora file) and move to
5. Go into Datagrip and set up an Oracle connection
c-l-nguyen /
Created Feb 20, 2020
Various macOS shell commands collection
#### macOS startup chime
# 1. Enter macOS Recovery
# 2. Launch Terminal
# 3. Copy paste this command and press ENTER: nvram StartupMute=%00
# 4. Reboot
# Note that you must unmute your Mac in macOS to hear the chime.
#### To fix Messages not staying open
defaults write -g NSDisableAutomaticTermination -bool yes