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Created November 14, 2014 13:54
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Sylvia Pickup Lines
I taught Sylvia pickup lines...
➜ love git:(master) ✗ ./love
I I apologize? Wanna fuck like peanut
butter, wanna go halves on a bastard?
Do I wanna go halves on a
killer...want to sleep with me? Your legs
must be skin and we'll talk about
the hair between your peaches, wanna shake
your left leg was ten.
It was an art, like to have
a day.
Soon, soon the flesh The peanut-crunching crowd
Shoves in her shirt and talk.
Hold out phone cards that my skin
Bright as a thief? 'Cause I could
see myself again? Hey babe...can you suck
a golf ball thru 50 feet of
soap, A wedding ring, A gold baby
That melts to dance or should I
turn and conversation? (No.) Do you in
you? Would you like to marry you.
Now fuck myself again? Hey babe, wanna
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