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#Show some statistics of the server.
c1b3rh4ck /
Created Jan 24, 2015
Simulate system up to date debian
#Cron Script Run from /etc/crontab.daily
#runs apt-get update and prints the output of a simulated
#dist-upgrade if new packages are found, also you can add a line in crontab with a pipe
#to run a mail.
if [[`apt-get update 2>&1|grep Get` ]]; then
if [[`apt-get --simulate dist-upgrade 2>&1|grep Inst` ]];then
apt-get --simulate dist-upgrade

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c1b3rh4ck / main.tex
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Ctf Format.Writeup for Pereira Security Team
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c1b3rh4ck /
Created Sep 22, 2014
Core for ctfinfobot.
#ctf infobot BarcampSE Pereira 2013
#colors and core :)
import os, sys
import string
import random
fwpath = os.getcwd()
c1b3rh4ck /
Created Sep 22, 2014
This newsbot is a simple script written in python.using the Twython library to interact with twitter api. The purpose of this script is received all the information(e.g hints,tricks and tips and if there are flags available :P ), Capture the flag or jeopardy contest besides that, OSINT techniques is a form of intelligence collection management t…
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#Ctf InfoBot
#it was created thinking in the talk :
#Ctf and Jeopardy Contests,BarcampSE 2013
ToDO :
c1b3rh4ck /
Created Jan 19, 2014
opkg quick installer
#install the luci interface web using an offline method
#hackaton 9 de ag you will need to upload this to /tmp!
pkgs=(blua lua libuci-lua libubus-lua uhttpd luci-lib-ipkg luci-i18n-english luci-sgi-cgi luci-lib-core luci-lib-nixio luci-lib-sys luci-lib-web luci-proto-core luci-theme-base luci-theme-openwrt luci-mod-admin-core luci-mod-admin-full)
for pkg in "${pkgs[*]}
opkg install /tmp/luci-offline-packages/$pkg*.ipk
#miner using linode 4 trial hours, this is why linode cancel the 4 trial hour :3 ,there was another script to create automatic users
#abusing of the feature of dots in gmail, if you got an email like : you could get 8 valid emails to use in linode trial :3,, tes.t123@gmail... this was until they add the obligatory payment options :S
users=(linode1 linode2 linode3 linode4)
password=(lino1 lino2 lino3 lino4)
#Install the cpu miner and the requirements.
aptitude -y install git unzip build-essential automake libcurl4-openssl-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libboost-all-dev autotools-dev && wget && unzip
#running the instances on intel xeon we've got 8 cores
c1b3rh4ck / antonio.m
Created Nov 10, 2013
Antonio's Problem
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% Antonio's Problem
for i=1:10000000
j=10*rand; %obtener el valor aleatorio con decimales.
if (j<=5) %el rango del sello es 1-5 la cara es 6-10
c1b3rh4ck / current.m
Created Nov 10, 2013
Steady state current or temperature of bare cable
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function itcabledesnudo( )
% Program for computing steady state current or temperature of bare cable
% IEEE Standard 738 - 2006
% Carlos J. Zapata
%Modified by : Hector Jimenez S.
% Check the last updates.
% Last update
% Oct 01 - 2012: A bug in qsun function was removed
% May 06 - 2012: The progran was released