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Claire Foster c42f

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c42f / PlutoLogging.jl
Created August 6, 2020 23:59
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### A Pluto.jl notebook ###
# v0.11.3
using Markdown
using InteractiveUtils
# ╔═╡ 7154a0e6-d7a3-11ea-2657-db1e00c80460
md"Define a function which will do some logging. Note that this could just as well be in an external library"
# ╔═╡ 514ac9ea-d7a0-11ea-1512-e99df979d240
c42f / slack_logging_history.txt
Created April 27, 2020 23:26
Julia #logging slack channel history
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Manually copied out of slack on 2020-04-28
@rofinn created this channel on May 15th, 2018. This is the very beginning of the logging channel.
Rory Finnegan 6:07 AM
joined #logging along with 2 others.
Kevin Bonham:microbiome: 6:56 AM
Thanks for making the channel @rofinn. The main thing I’ve been trying to
c42f / Manifest.toml
Last active February 24, 2021 00:41
Julia Fractals via inverse iteration
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# This file is machine-generated - editing it directly is not advised
deps = ["Artifacts", "Glib_jll", "JLLWrappers", "Libdl", "Pkg"]
git-tree-sha1 = "d2cb610e0f31d9d20f4ca37e4535ea5e6f374889"
uuid = "7b86fcea-f67b-53e1-809c-8f1719c154e8"
version = "2.34.1+5"
deps = ["LinearAlgebra"]
c42f / fourier_isosurface.jl
Last active August 12, 2020 14:33
Makie.jl based visualization of 3D 1/f noise
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using Makie
using Meshing
using GeometryTypes
using ColorSchemes
using FFTW
using LinearAlgebra
using Random
using Interpolations
c42f / tensor3x3.png
Last active November 20, 2019 13:43
Makie 3x3 tensor arrow viz
View binarybuilder_lowerbound_discussion.txt
Chris Foster 6 days ago
But I guess we currently need to supply things like Zlib_jll in the Project.toml [deps] section?
Mosè Giordano 6 days ago
Yes, exactly. The way the jll packages work doesn't allow them to be installed in julia <1.3, I don't see many options at the moment to make BinaryProvider and jll coexist in those versions of julia
Chris Foster 6 days ago
I see one possible option: the jll packages themselves could allow installation on julia < 1.3 and just load as an empty module in that case. That would allow some recourse for maintainers who have to support older julia versions.
Fredrik Ekre 6 days ago
just load as an empty module in that case
c42f / exc_lowering.jl
Last active September 23, 2019 07:37
Sketch of lowering for improved exception handling
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using Base.Meta
struct ErrorResult{E}
function insert_wraparg!(ex, name)
@assert isexpr(ex, :call) # todo
insert!(ex.args, 2, name)
c42f / StructuredConcurrency
Last active September 17, 2019 03:59
Cancellation vs Structured Concurrency
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Chris Foster 4 days ago
Current notes are in my fork of the Juleps repo at
but most people seem to ignore the main Juleps repo so I haven't sent a PR yet (also it's very WIP).
We could move the notes to Jameson's julep wiki or somewhere else more conducive to collaboration? (edited)
Kiran Pamnany 3 days ago
This is nicely written -- good literature survey.
Kiran Pamnany 3 days ago
I'd be very interested in your (or anyone's) thoughts on Erlang's approach.
c42f / TurboColormap.ipynb
Created August 21, 2019 13:44
Recomputing the polynomial approximation for the Turbo colormap
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c42f / unroll.jl
Created November 9, 2017 10:30
unroll macro
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module Unroll
struct Vec{N,T} <: AbstractVector{T}
Base.size(v::Vec) = (length(,)
Base.getindex(v::Vec, i::Int) =[i]
function _unroll_for(ex)