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diff --git a/dellfan.c b/dellfan.c
index 5f9098d..1f71236 100644
--- a/dellfan.c
+++ b/dellfan.c
@@ -67,10 +67,10 @@
* putting the speed to maximum, sleeping some seconds, and checking the speed back.
* Check the function probecodes()
-#define DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD1 0x30a3
-#define ENABLE_BIOS_METHOD1 0x31a3
-#define DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD2 0x34a3
-#define ENABLE_BIOS_METHOD2 0x35a3
+#define DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD2 0x30a3
+#define ENABLE_BIOS_METHOD2 0x31a3
+#define DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD1 0x34a3
+#define ENABLE_BIOS_METHOD1 0x35a3
#define ENABLE_FN 0x32a3
#define SET_FAN 0x01a3
#define GET_FAN 0x00a3
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