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This script removes and recreates all simulators in Xcode 7.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'JSON'
device_types = JSON.parse `xcrun simctl list -j devicetypes`
runtimes = JSON.parse `xcrun simctl list -j runtimes`
devices = JSON.parse `xcrun simctl list -j devices`
devices['devices'].each do |runtime, runtime_devices|
runtime_devices.each do |device|
puts "Removing device #{device['name']} (#{device['udid']})"
`xcrun simctl delete #{device['udid']}`
device_types['devicetypes'].each do |device_type|
runtimes['runtimes'].select{|runtime| runtime['availability'] == '(available)'}.each do |runtime|
puts "Creating #{device_type['name']} with #{runtime['name']}"
command = "xcrun simctl create '#{device_type['name']} #{runtime['name']}' #{device_type['identifier']} #{runtime['identifier']}"
command_output = `#{command}`
sleep 0.5
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cabeca commented Oct 1, 2015

Warning: This is completely untested. It will REMOVE all your simulators along with all settings and installed Apps. It worked for me to create the initial set of simulators.

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Follow these guidelines to use this script :

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If you're using a more recent version of Ruby, you may need to change require 'JSON' to require 'json'

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v01pe commented Mar 23, 2016

Great, looks good! Just one strange thing - I get these errors:

Creating iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.2
Creating iPad Air 2 with tvOS 9.1
An error was encountered processing the command (, code=157):
Incompatible device
Creating iPad Air 2 with watchOS 2.1
An error was encountered processing the command (, code=157):
Incompatible device

for almost every device… I mean it doesn't seem to make sense to e.g. create "iPad Air 2 with tvOS 9.1", so I guess this is OK?
Maybe you can do some check in the inner loop when creating, to prevent these errors.

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Thanks for the script, it helps a lot. But it seems that it creates all simulators for every version and device in xcode, even they are not downloaded yet.

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ishaq commented May 30, 2016

If you are a CocoaPod writer, You might want to change line 19 from

command = "xcrun simctl create '#{device_type['name']} #{runtime['name']}' #{device_type['identifier']} #{runtime['identifier']}"


command = "xcrun simctl create '#{device_type['name']}' #{device_type['identifier']} #{runtime['identifier']}"

to omit generating simulator names like iPhone 4s iOS 9.3 and generate iPhone 4s instead, otherwise it causes: CocoaPods/CocoaPods#5320 (comment)

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