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* Majestic SDK skeleton;
* provides a central point for accessing majestic environments and other configurations.
class Majestic {
const STAGING_HOST = '';
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class PushWebservice extends WebService {
const publish_key = 'pub-97f307a9-9106-4f70-9669-1f39baebaf4b';
const subscribe_key = 'sub-e7711140-84c5-11e1-9cee-cb71e91be0d6';
public $user;
public $user_id;
cafreamoroso / gist:2342509
Created Apr 9, 2012
ShimLink Link Protector
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ShimLink = {
_hosts: {
your: '',
another: '',
www: '',
tld: '',
cafreamoroso / gist:2225560
Created Mar 28, 2012
Universe Code -- Code i used for creating this Universe, should refactor it one day.
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1.0:: Quick created after spawning on the totally uncertainty.
1.1:: Added punishment, 1.0 didn't have anything like that so it went to shit pretty soon.
1.0:: Refactor whole thing to not spawn so many universes, they are basically the same.
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