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Google Glass
State of the Map US -
Single page apps versus frameworks
Traveling and visiting foreign countries
OSM-Plus -
iD, the new OSM editor -
Esri's REST API being an OGC standard -
Renting ArcGIS -
Leaflet over OpenLayers -
Geospatial Contractors and the Feds -
Where does Steve get his hair cut
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Where does TheSteveO get his hair cut?

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Geographic Information Systems, Geographical Information Science, Geographic Information Service, Geo-Visualization, Locational Awareness, Spatial IT. What/Who are we anymore?

Will commercial GIS editing software (ArcGIS, MapInfo,GeoMedia) continue to be Window OS only?

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Esri's REST API being an OGC standard -
+and should we care about OGC standards when things like geojson just work

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