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Last active October 2, 2022 14:37
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XSS attack demo with innerHTML

Tested with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The following code will not trigger an alert. target.innerHTML = "<script> alert('XSS Attack'); </script>";

The following code will trigger an alert. target.innerHTML = "<img src=x onerror=\"alert('XSS Attack')\" >";

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Tomas2D commented Jun 23, 2017

Good note!

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good note, but i wanna to know why

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g13n commented Sep 24, 2019

HTML5 specifies that a <script> tag inserted with innerHTML should not execute.

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Well, the latter didn't work on GitHub.

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the second code won't work, because the src value inside the code target.innerHTML = "<img src=x onerror="alert('XSS Attack')" >"; should be inside quotes ('')

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