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A string S of length between 2 and 30. The characters are taken from the 95 printable ASCII characters, byte values 32 (0x20) to 126 (0x7E) ( to ~)


Your code must compute and output all strings within [Levenshtein][1] distance 2 of S. You can have duplicates as long as you also have all the different strings, and the output may be in any order.


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For the descriptions, l refers to the left argument, r to the right. As Ƒ doesn't map over lists, (for some atom A that doesn't operate on lists) is equivalent to AƑ€Ạ for lists (i.e. the atom is invariant for each element)

For the nilad commands, is simply equalivalent to ⁼N, so they've been excluded from this list

The atoms WḲṆṾ all yield 0 no matter the left argument, and so are ignored in the list.

Atom Description
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1 {- !!! /* /* -}
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Language name Written in Version TIO First commit date Latest commit date JHT Rating Hello, World! TC?
[Adapt][l1] Add++ v2 [✓][t1] 07/05/18 13/08/19 14 - 71 [14][h1] N/A
[Add++][l2] Python v5.10 [✓][t2] 17/05/17 31/12/18 28 - 765 [19][h2] N/A
[Bitwise Fuckery][l3] Python v1 [✓][t3] 23/09/17 10/12/17 3 - 36 [260][h3] N/A
[Commentator][l4] Python v1 [✓][t4] 16/07/17 17/12/17 8 - 117 [197][h4] N/A
[Deorst][l5] Python v1.2 [✓][t5] 26/08/17 07/09/19 21 - 137 [15][h5] N/A
[Flipbit][l6] Python v1 [✓][t6] 26/10/17 04/01/18 0 - 0 [14
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- N: Schindler's List
- N: The Exorcist
- N: The Shining
- 2001: A Space Odessy
- N: A Clockwork Orange
- Jurassic Park
- N: The Godfather
- N: Stand By Me
- E.T. The Extraterrestrial
- Taken
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Original character Replace code
¡ v!
¢ |c
£ -L
¤ ^o
¥ =Y
¦ ^|
© oC
¬ ^_
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Last active Jan 6, 2018
Jelly equivalents to atoms

A collection of programs that substitute for the commands found here. Single byte nilads aren't included. Vectorisation isn't included, i.e. [1, 2, 3] + 10 != [11, 12, 13] with these substitutions, however, if there is a non-vecotirsing equivilent, then the vecotirsing one must vectorise. N/A indicates that a solution is currently under development or may not be possible. Keep in mind that execing Python code isn't a valid alternative.

Please note that these do not have to handle overloads.


These are links which take a single argument, and aren't expected to work when given 2 arguments.

Atom Description Program