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Last active December 20, 2018 00:22
KEP contributor onboarding
├── cli                                   (example CLI)
│   └── cmd                               (the actual CLI [sub]commands)
├── helpers                               (mostly untested code intented for project maintainers)
│   ├── convert                           (convert an KEP in the current format to the new format)
│   │   └── internal                      
│   │       ├── convert
│   │       ├── extract

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Last active June 6, 2017 17:49
status of features for Kubernetes SIG Node 06 June 2017

Currently in 1.7 milestone

  • CRI Validation Suite
    • alpha release finished, no more work scheduled until 1.8
    • action: move feature issue to next-milestone and update stability to target beta
  • Enhance the Container Runtime Interface
    • stats endpoint added, but implementation incomplete
    • action: move feature issue to next-milestone
  • Containerd CRI Integration
    • basic support completed, tagged release created
  • rework required to consume new containerd client and binary
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Last active January 25, 2018 18:46
issue taxonomy as of the Kubernetes leadership summit in 2017
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Last active June 7, 2017 22:58
reading list of research into OSS development

Introduces a modification to Softgoal Interdependency Graph (SIG) models to study software ecosystem (SECO) health. Other than the introduction of terms and a list of the practicies from KDE.

Proposes a maturity model for FLOSS communities. The paper suggests that more "traditional" metrics based approaches to studying FLOSS communities do not by themselves provide guidance regarding opportunities for improvement which is of use to FLOSS community managers. TODO: pick up reading from page 40

calebamiles /
Last active May 2, 2017 00:40
Propose charter for Kubernetes SIG Release

SIG Release


  • Production of high quality Kubernetes releases on a reliable schedule
  • Ensure there is a consistent group of community members in place to support the release process [1]
  • Driving project wide changes necessary to both release bits continuously

Broad responsibilities

  • Ensuring high quality Kubernetes releases by:
  • defining and staffing release roles to manage resolving and communicating the status of release blocking criteria
calebamiles /
Last active April 26, 2017 15:40
Possible solutions to currently identified problems with Kubernetes governance

PROBLEM: The structure of the project is opaque to newcomers

  • project structure added to governance repository under Kubernetes GitHub organization
  • create "Front Desk" inspired by Debian Project to welcome new contributors
  • create mentorship requirement in contributor ladder

PROBLEM: There is no clear technical escalation path / procedure

  • adopt RFC process inspired by Rust langage governance
  • create technical steering committee bootstrapped from "top level OWNERS" as penultimate arbiters with power vested in Kubernetes community to make all final decisions
  • affirm decision by technical steering committee in case inability of community to make decision
  • devolve primary decision making and consensus building authority to SIGs
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Last active February 1, 2021 15:53
Notes on Open Source Governance Models

Node.js Foundation

  • Healthy Open Source
    • explicit goal to be a lightweight process
    • concrete ability to scale to hundreds of contributors
    • good fundamental goals
      • transparency
      • participation
      • efficacy
    • ecosystem projects encouraged but not required to adopt foundation governance templates
  • creation of projects under TSC explicity delegates authority from TSC to project TC