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#Setting up Docker Machine on Raspberry PI

  1. SSH into the pi and install docker with curl -sSL | sh (If we let Machine try to install the Docker daemon it will fail.)
  2. Change the OS's ID so Docker Machine won't throw errors. sudo nano /etc/os-release and change the line that says ID=raspbian to ID=debian
  3. From a new terminal window run docker-machine create --driver generic --generic-ip-address YOUR-PIS-IP --generic-ssh-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa --generic-ssh-user pi --engine-storage-driver overlay2 MACHINE-NAME

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famer commented Sep 14, 2018

Hello! thanks for this note, that saved me efforts and time)
could you please tell why --engine-storage-driver has to be set that way, and why default aufs failed to start?


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TZubiri commented May 13, 2019


This page of the documentation provides the relevant information. It seems that overlay2 is simply the best overall storage driver, if I understand correctly this is used for volumes. If you skip this option, a default will be selected in the following list:
No clue why it failed.

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