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Run Loop Source

CFRunLoopSource is cool. It lets you build behavior similar to the mechanisms that drive setNeedsLayout and setNeedsDisplay in UIKit.

I found myself in need of something like this a couple of times. It's great to know that no matter how many times I say I need to update something, I will get a single callback at the end of the run loop that gives me a chance to perform my work.

Here is a little Swift wrapper that makes the API easier to deal with.

import CoreFoundation
public final class RunLoopSource {
// MARK: - Properties
private lazy var source: CFRunLoopSource = {
var context = CFRunLoopSourceContext() = UnsafeMutablePointer(unsafeAddressOf(self))
context.perform = _perform
return CFRunLoopSourceCreate(nil, self.order, &context)
private let subscription: (CFRunLoop, CFString)
private let order: CFIndex
private let perform: () -> ()
// MARK: - Initializers
public init(loop: CFRunLoop = CFRunLoopGetCurrent(), mode: CFString = kCFRunLoopCommonModes, order: CFIndex = 0, perform: () -> ()) {
self.subscription = (loop, mode)
self.perform = perform
self.order = order
CFRunLoopAddSource(loop, source, mode)
deinit {
let (loop, mode) = subscription
CFRunLoopRemoveSource(loop, source, mode)
// MARK: - Public
public func signal() {
private func _perform(info: UnsafeMutablePointer<Void>) {
unsafeBitCast(info, RunLoopSource.self).perform()
/// Here is an example class that demonstrates how you might use
/// `RunLoopSource`. I know this isn't really how UIView works.
class View {
private var needsLayout = false
private lazy var layoutSource: RunLoopSource = {
RunLoopSource(perform: { [weak self] in
final func setNeedsLayout() {
needsLayout = true
final func layoutIfNeeded() {
if needsLayout {
needsLayout = false
func layoutSubviews() {
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