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New and updated version of The old script had many limitations and was often unreliable. This script, while requiring slightly more user input, is much more robust.
#Find a date in file name:
#ls | grep -E $datematch
increment() {
# Creates a backup version of a btrfs subvolume and sends it to to an
# external drive. Assumes there are drives mounted in ./hd and ./bu
# $1 subvolume to backup
# $2 date of parent
# $3 date of child
local old=$1-$2
local new=$1-$3
echo Backing up $1...
btrfs sub snap -r ./hd/$1 ./hd/$new
echo Sending $new to external drive...
btrfs send -p ./hd/$old ./hd/$new | btrfs receive ./bu/
echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
if [ "$(whoami)" != "root" ]; then
echo Please run this script as root.
cd /mnt
#Mount drives
mount /dev/sda3 ./hd
mount /dev/sdb1 ./bu
echo /dev/sda3:
ls ./hd
echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
echo /dev/sdb1:
ls ./bu
echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
#User Prompts
read -p 'Backup @ [y/n]? ' bu_root
read -p 'Backup @home [y/n]? ' bu_home
read -p 'Backup @Dropbox [y/n]? ' bu_dropbox
read -p 'Date of previous version: ' old_ver
today=$(date -I)
#Backup function calls
if ([ $bu_root = "y" ] || [ $bu_hd = "Y" ]); then
increment @ $old_ver $today
if ([ $bu_home = "y" ] || [ $bu_home = "Y" ]); then
increment @home $old_ver $today
if ([ $bu_dropbox = "y" ] || [ $bu_dropbox = "Y" ]); then
increment @Dropbox $old_ver $today
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