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Python: Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
import csv
# request web source to get source code
source = requests.get('insert your url here').text
# assign a var for parsed information w standard BS syntax
soup = BeautifulSoup(source, 'lxml')
csv_file = open('name your csv file', 'w')
csv_writer = csv.writer(csv_file)
csv_writer.writerow(['Headlines', 'Summary', 'YouTube link'])
# to print out web source code w indentations
# print (soup.prettify())
# grab first headline + snippet for first post on the web
# find to find_all to grab every posts shown
for article in soup.find_all('article'):
# headline
# doesn't necessarily need to include every single parent tags
headline = article.h2.a.text
# return the summary (just the first paragraph) of article
# use class_ because class also a term used in python
summary = article.find('div', class_ = 'entry-content').p.text
# in case some posts don't include a video
# to prevent software crash if vid link is not detected
# return the video source code within article ('iframe')
#['src'] -- access source attribute like a dictionary
# it's to clearly show the youtube link within the vid source code
vid_src = article.find('iframe', class_ = 'youtube-player')['src']
# splitting vid link into a few chunks when code sees a '/'
# since our youtube id is rested on the 4th index
# we want to print out our 4th index
vid_id = vid_src.split('/')[4]
vid_id = vid_id.split('?')[0]
yt_link = f'{vid_id}'
# if youtube link is not available, you want to label it as None
# 'None' will show up as a blank space in the .csv file
except Exception as e:
yt_link = None
print (yt_link)
csv_writer.writerow([headline, summary, yt_link])
# check your CSV file for results!
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