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add_filter( 'genesis_show_comment_date', 'jmw_show_comment_date_with_link' );
* Show Comment Date with link but without the time
* Stop the output of the Genesis core comment dates and outputs comments with date and link only.
* The genesis_show_comment_date filter was introduced in Genesis 2.2 (will not work with older versions)
* @author Jo Waltham
* @link
* @param boolean $comment_date Whether to print the comment date or not
* @return boolean Whether to print the comment date or not
function jmw_show_comment_date_with_link( $comment_date ) {
printf('<p %s><time %s><a href="%s" %s>%s</a></time></p>',
genesis_attr( 'comment-meta' ),
genesis_attr( 'comment-time' ),
esc_url( get_comment_link( get_comment_ID() ) ),
genesis_attr( 'comment-time-link' ),
esc_html( get_comment_date() )
// Return false so that the parent function doesn't output the comment date, time and link
return false;
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