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battle of the frameworks

design the new avid geo site in your framework of choice, can your rails beat the (Java|Coffee)script of the node hipsters? and what about all that smack talk I hear between the Django and Flask kids? bonus points for

  • Obscurity: CoffeeScript would get more points then JavaScript, Coco would get even more, but the framework you wrote that compiles Haskell to lolcode would win.
  • Hipsterocity: this is probably going to mean your going to need to involve mustaches
  • Overengineering: why use something as passe as nosql to store comments when you can write an Octree based storage engine where nodes communicate over a distributed hash table, or how about storing post tags as edges on a hypergraph.
  • Actually working: consideration will be given to those entrants that do what their supposed to do.
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