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Vortex / IKBC Pok3r keyboard guide for Mac OS

This is for an ISO UK layout:

iso uk

Wiki: Manual:

USB ID (from lsusb): Bus 020 Device 012: ID 04d9:0141 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc. USB Keyboard

Set keyboard layout

  • Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources
  • Set layout to British -> PC

Reverse modifier keys

  • Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard
  • Click 'Modifier Keys'
  • Change Option to Cmd and Cmd to Option

Media keys

  • Fn + W = Play/Pause
  • Fn + S = Vol Down
  • Fn + D = Vol Up
  • Fn + Q = Previous
  • Fn + E = Next


  • Put it in programming mode with Fn + RCtrl.
  • Press the key you want to bind the macro to.
  • Type in the sequence you want saved, push Pn when done.
  • Exit programming mode, again with Fn + RCtrl, or continue binding macros to other buttons if you wish.
  • Use the macro by pushing Pn + the bound key.


L_Win + R_Alt + Spacebar = R_Shift, FN, PN and R_Ctrl as arrow keys.

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Brightness Modifiers: Fn + [ and Fn + ]

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Looks like the latest Sierra broke the media keys :(

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lucaorio commented Oct 8, 2018

@jondavidjohn I just bought a Pok3r, and after seeing your comment I got worried... Fortunately, media keys and brightness work well here!

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jingpengw commented Feb 25, 2022

the volume up/down keys directly work for me with Monterey

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