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# name: Request Addition to MELPA Stable
# key: melpa-stable-add
# uuid: 2776fd13-47f6-4438-902e-2f39c48fd790
# contributor: Cameron Desautels <>
# --
[MELPA Stable]( is the new younger sibling of MELPA for users who'd rather run only stable versions of packages (MELPA can be a bit rocky since every commit comprises a new release), and it would be super cool if ${1:this package} could be installed via Stable.
Fortunately it's also really easy to support—all you have to do is define a tag in the \`v...\` format and you're done. I'd submit a PR if I could, but since tags are global to a project, that's not something possible via PR.
If you're cool with this idea, this should be all you have to do to make it happen:
$ git tag v${2:stable-version-number} ${3:stable-version-commit-hash}
$ git push origin v$2
(Of course, confirm that $3 is the appropriate commit for the release, but it's the one where the version number was bumped to $2 so I suspect it is.)
Thanks for your time and consideration!

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commented Apr 16, 2015

Linked from my blog (here).

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