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Accurately check if a string contains a phrase
$string = 'Hello world!';
$phrase = 'He';
if ( strpos( $string, $phrase ) ) {
// This code won't run.
if ( cameronjonesweb_string_contains_phrase( $string, $phrase ) ) {
// This code will run.
* Searches for a phrase in a given string
* @param string $haystack The haystack to search.
* @param string $needle The needle to search for.
* @return bool Whether the needle was found or not
function cameronjonesweb_string_contains_phrase( $haystack, $needle ) {
// As strpos will return 0 if the string begins with the phrase, we need to do an is_numeric check
return is_numeric( strpos( $haystack, $needle ) );
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