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function prompt {
$NearestGitRepo = $null
$Folder = $pwd.Path
if(Test-Path $Folder\.git){
$NearestGitRepo = $Folder
$Folder = Split-Path $Folder
}until($NearestGitRepo -or $Folder -eq '')
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Author: Cameron Ove
Modified: July 8, 2014
FileName: BoxOAuth2Functions.psm1
Revision: 0.2
Change Log:
Removed reference to RegEditSuit.psm1
No longer need to import the above module to use these functions.
Used PowerShell reg provider to access registry.
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2010 Scripting Games PowerShell: Advanced Event 1
Author: Cameron Ove
Date: 4/30/2010
Copyright: NONE :-D
Synopsis of functions:
I really wanted to the ability to provide credentials when contacting remote workstations.
.Net seems limited in that regard. So I used WMI.
In paticular I used the root\default namespace and StdRegProv thus enabing the ability for credentials across the network.