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John Steele camusicjunkie

  • Germany
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"editor.tokenColorCustomizations": {
"[One Dark Pro]": {
"textMateRules": [
"scope": [
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$files = gci -Recurse -File
$files | measure -Property length -Sum -Average | select @{n = 'ComputerName'; e = {$env:COMPUTERNAME}}, Count, Sum, Average, @{n = 'Date'; e = {Get-Date}}
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$crypto = @"
P k T r 2 s z 2 * c F -
r a z 7 G u D 4 w 6 U #
g c t K 3 E @ B t 1 a Y
Q P i c % 7 0 5 Z v A e
W 6 j e P R f p m I ) H
y ^ L o o w C n b J d O
S i 9 M b e r # ) i e U
* f 2 Z 6 M S h 7 V u D
5 a ( h s v 8 e l 1 o W
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$Description = '<root>' + $[0].rule.description + '</root>'
View Description XML
'<VulnDiscussion>Inadequate physical protection can undermine all
other security precautions utilized to protect the system. This can
jeopardize the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the
system. Physical security is the first line of protection of any syst
View New-DynamicParameter.ps1
Function New-DynamicParameter {
[string] $Name,
[string[]] $ValidateSet,
View Invoke-ScanState.ps1
function Invoke-ScanState {
[cmdletbinding(DefaultParameterSetName = 'StorePath')]
[Parameter(ParameterSetName = 'StorePath',
Position = 0)]
[string] $StorePath = 'C:\Backup',
[Parameter(ParameterSetName = 'StorePath')]
View Get-ComputerStats
function Get-ComputerStats {
Gets computer and disk information
Gets computer information and disk information for all
logical disks. Each disk is added as part of the other
properties for as many type 3 disks that exist
View Get-MonitorInfo.ps1
function Get-MonitorInfo {
Gets computer and monitor information
Gets computer information and monitor information for all
connected monitors. Each monitor is numbered for as many
monitors as you have connected
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