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Last active Mar 27, 2019
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A personal cheat sheet for vim

Vim Cheat Sheet

FYI - this is not a general-purpose cheat sheet for vim. I've been using vim/vim for over 35 years.
So, this is more of list of random things in core-vim or various plugin-ins that I've recently started using or am strugging to remember when I need them.


Use exerberant ctags for best results. (It's not the default ctags program on MacOS.)

g-]          Search for the tag under the cursor and select between multiple possible matches.


Ctrl-P provides fuzzy matching for file, path, and buffer names. Once it starts:

ctrl-r        Toggle regexp mode - useful when you want to make the matching less fuzzy to search for sequential characters.
ctrl-f ctrl-b Cycle through the modes - matching files, buffers, or MRU files
ctlr-d        Toggle between file name vs. path name matching
F5            Refresh the list of files - useful if you just moved a bunch of files around.
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