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Last active Feb 12, 2016
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How to write to the Google Plus moments.insert API endpoint from Ruby.
# This Sinatra endpoint is something I added to the Google Ruby quick-start
# web app -
# It demonstrates how to write to the moments.insert API, for which I
# couldn't find any Ruby examples.
post '/write_activity' do
# Check for stored credentials in the current user's session.
if !session[:token]
halt 401, 'User not connected.'
# Authorize the client and construct a Google+ service.
plus = $client.discovered_api('plus', 'v1')
moment = {
:type => '',
:target => { :id =>,
:description => "description doesn't seem to show up",
:name => 'An example of an AddActivity w/o URL',
:image => '' },
# post a moment/activity to the vault/profile
req_opts = { :api_method => plus.moments.insert,
:parameters => { :collection => 'vault', :userId => 'me', },
:body_object => moment,
response = $client.execute(req_opts).body
# I didn't bother with AJAX for this proof-of-concept:

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@alisnic alisnic commented Mar 19, 2015

thank you!


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@zauzaj zauzaj commented Feb 12, 2016

I'm working on posting activity to user stream on Google Plus via RoR and I tried to use your solution but always getting this error:

undefined method 'moments' for Google::APIClient::API:0x3fc05fc78594 ID:plus:v1

Do you know how I can solve it or maybe something is changed cuz I see it's not active anymore ?


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