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Composing Services via Finagle
val timelineSvc = Thrift.newIface[TimelineService](...) // #1
val tweetSvc = Thrift.newIface[TweetService](...)
val authSvc = Thrift.newIface[AuthService](...)
val authFilter =[Req, AuthReq, Res, Res] { (req, svc) => // #2
authSvc.authenticate(req) flatMap svc(_)
val apiService =[AuthReq, Res] { req =>
timelineSvc(req.userId) flatMap {tl =>
val tweets = tl map tweetSvc.getById(_)
Future.collect(tweets) map tweetsToJson(_) }
} //#3
Http.serve(":80", authFilter andThen apiService) // #4
// #1 Create a client for each service
// #2 Create new Filter to authenticate incoming requests
// #3 Create a service to convert an authenticated timeline request to a json response
// #4 Start a new HTTP server on port 80 using the authenticating filter and our service
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