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Created May 9, 2018 10:56
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module Language
import Control.Monad.State
%default total
%access public export
record QueryAbstractSyntaxTree where
constructor MkQueryAbstractSyntaxTree
distinct : Bool
data TableJoiningState = NoTables | HasTables
record QueryAstState where
constructor MkQueryAstState
joinState : TableJoiningState
data SqlQueryParts : (result : Type) -> (before : QueryAstState) -> (after : QueryAstState) -> Type where
From :
(source : Bool)
-> SqlQueryParts
collapseToAst : SqlQueryParts a before after -> QueryAbstractSyntaxTree
collapseToAst x =
execState (collapseToAstHelper x) (MkQueryAbstractSyntaxTree False)
collapseToAstHelper : SqlQueryParts a before after -> State QueryAbstractSyntaxTree a
collapseToAstHelper (From querySource) = ?aa3
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