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Florian Bruggisser cansik

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cansik / receiver.ino
Created Jun 23, 2020
WiFi NINA / NINA-FW Concurrency Bug Example
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#include <SPI.h>
#include <WiFiNINA.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>
#define IN_PORT 8000
#define OUT_PORT 9000
// wifi
char ssid[] = "";
char pass[] = "";
cansik /
Last active Jun 14, 2020
A script to remove all lfs files and commits of a repository.
echo "converting lfs to normal git repo..."
if [ $# -eq 0 ]
echo "Use: [http-git-url]"
cansik / FindCurve.pde
Created Nov 1, 2019
Find curved position by line
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PVector start = new PVector(120, 300);
PVector end = new PVector(400, 230);
float curving = 100f;
int steps = 20;
void setup() {
size(500, 500, FX2D);
cansik /
Created Apr 19, 2018
Change Xcode Command Line Tools
# change to seperate installation
sudo xcode-select --switch /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
# change to default installation
sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
cansik / Filter3DScene.pde
Last active Feb 26, 2018
Depth buffer shading to 2d texture
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import peasy.*;
final int size = 500;
PShader shader;
PGraphics canvas;
PGraphics depthImage;
PeasyCam cam;
cansik / InfinityAudioPlayer.pde
Last active Nov 26, 2016
A simple audio player for processing which is able to loop a certain part of the audio file.
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class InfinityAudioPlayer implements AudioListener
private Minim minim;
private AudioPlayer player;
private int loopStart;
private int loopEnd;
private boolean stopping = false;
cansik / PointWave.pde
Created Nov 30, 2015
Point Wave Processing
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import controlP5.*;
// ui
ControlP5 cp5;
Group g1;
int offset = 15;
int orbitRadius = 20;
int radius = 1;
View SimpleMadMapperRemote.pde
import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;
OscP5 oscP5;
NetAddress myRemoteLocation;
void setup() {
size(400, 400);
oscP5 = new OscP5(this, 9000);
cansik / SimpleQuadEditor.pde
Last active Jan 7, 2016
MadMapper Remote Example
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import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;
import java.util.concurrent.*;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.ArrayList;
// global variables
OscP5 osc;
NetAddress madMapper;