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Created June 2, 2015 07:36
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AWS summit

Github CEO (Scott Chacon)

Large companies use open source (OS)

  • �Internet application costs decrease by 10 in 15 years

  • Robots can actually do anything

  • Companies destroy old model business

    • taxi => hub
    • book => amazon

Open Source 10 years ago

ex : redmine

  • find the instructions and read it
  • dl code and fix it
  • make the patch (svn,...)
  • open an issue, attache the patch
  • get feedback
  • post new patches

Open Source today

  • same process
  • changes easy
  • pul request
  • history conserved
  • multiple branches

Open source projects pushed to in may 2015 : 1.8M

Enterprises now contribute to Open Source :

ex: for linux kernel : RdHat, Intel, Texas Instrument,...

# check contribution
git shortlog -s -e --author=amazon

⚠️ 10 years ago, no way for big companies to contribute to Open Source projects

Open Source
  • Subversion
  • Email patches
  • Distribution
  • Sef-organized
  • Never meet in person
  • Expensive, proprietary version control system
  • Complicated ACL mechanisms
  • Co-located teams
  • Daily meetings
Open source et Corporate
  • Git
  • Branch development
  • Distributed and local teams
  • Team organized
  • Online coordinations


  • Doing more with less
  • Every companies is a software company
  • Same standard workflows for both
  • Get involved in Open Source projects !! Be a citizen of the OS society

コンファランス 2


  • 増井 雄一郎(株式会社トレタ 最高技術責任者)
  • 村瀬 大輔(株式会社メイク・イット・リアル 代表取締役)
  • 池澤 あやか(女優・エンジニア)

AWS ツール

  • S3
  • cognito(ユーザーアイデンティティおよびデータ同期)
  • kinesis (完全管理型のクラウドベース)
  • DynamoDB (NoSQL)
  • Lambda (イベント発生時にお客様のコードを実行)
  • Elastic transcoder : 動画をリサイズしてくれる

S3: ウエブサイトをホストできる (HTML)

staticpress プラグインで => S3 でwordpress


  • 権限設定 (AIM role)
  • 専門用語

nodejs => lambda

docker => ECS

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