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Roll20 Macros
<!-- Grant XP either to the selected single character, or the party's current session pool -->
/w gm &{template:default} {{title=Grant ?{How Much|50} XP}} {{description=
[Selected Char XP](!xp challenge ?{How Much} 1 @{selected|token_id}
/desc @{selected|token_name} gained ?{How Much} xp)
[Party XP](!xp challenge ?{How Much} 1
/desc The party gained ?{How Much} session xp)
!xp challenge @{selected|npc_xp}
!token-mod --set defaulttoken
**Use as a token action**
Token squirts blood, is marked dead, grants XP, and announces their death
/fx bubbling-blood @{selected|token_id}
/emas "@{selected|token_name}" Dies
!xp challenge @{selected|npc_xp}
!token-mod --ids @{selected|token_id} --set statusmarkers|dead
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